» Incoming Update
Incoming Update
Вышло новое обновление смотрим список изменений:
Сервера требуется обновить!

Players now breathe
Players hold their ear while using voicechat
Fixed NPC weapons not saving properly in Toybox saves
Fixed paint not saving properly in Toybox saves
Fixed crash when joining server with corrupt datapack
Fixed memory leak in datapack loading
Fixed player not drawing in render targets
Downloaded fonts are immediately available
Fixed player moving when ducking with custom hull sizes
Added r_projectedtexture_filter (default 1)
NPCs can now fire the crossbow
Fixed weapons dissapearing when looking at hated NPC
sv_loadingurl can contain %s which will be replaced with the client’s steamid

[Lua] Improved performance of string.Explode, string.ToTable, math.NormalizeAngle, Player.SetPData and Player.GetPData
[Lua] Added Player.RemovePData
[Lua] Added vector and angle unary functions
[Lua] Added table.KeyFromValue and table.KeysFromValue
[Lua] Added string.Split( str, delimiter )
[Lua] Fixed Player.GetTool clientside
[Lua] Fixed string.NiceSize and string.TrimLeft not working properly
[Lua] Provided access to undo.GetTable
[Lua] Fixed resizing Derma frames beyond the screen boundaries with screen lock enabled
[Lua] Added short aliases for the stencil constants (e.g. STENCIL_NEVER instead of STENCILCOMPARISONFUNCTION_NEVER)
[Lua] Fixed SendUserMessage failing to send NPCs, vehicles and players.
[Lua] Added CompileFile( filename )
[Lua] Added GM:PreDrawViewModel
[Lua] Added GM:PostDrawViewModel
[Lua] GetRenderTarget creates render target if it doesn’t exist
[Lua] Added GetRenderTargetEx( name, width, height, sizemode, depthmode, textureflags, rtflags )
[Lua] Added RT_SIZE_ enums
[Lua] Added MATERIAL_RT_DEPTH_ enums
[Lua] Added SERVER:PrecacheSentenceFile( string )
[Lua] Added SERVER:PrecacheSentenceGroup( string )
[Lua] Fixed IsValidModel returning wrong value
[Lua] Removed file.Rename
[Lua] RenderView now accepts a drawmonitors bool parameter
[Lua] Include errors now print the file and line

[TTT] Added effects when a player destroys C4, now looks different from picking it up.
[TTT] Added ammo dropping (undo key).
[TTT] Added option to stop showing TTT’s Fretta splash screen.
[TTT] Added option to avoid being selected as Detective if possible.
[TTT] Added name indicator above living players for spectators.
[TTT] Changed Health Station healing to require holding the use key, instead of instant healing.
[TTT] Changed player ragdolling on death to look nicer, ragdoll will move more.
[TTT] Fixed kill attribution when pushing one player off a ledge to fall on and kill another player. Now properly blames the pusher.
[TTT] Fixed some incorrect event log entries.
[TTT] Fixed blood decals created during preparation phase not being cleared when the round begins.
[TTT] Fixed quickchat/radio commands being shown in the sender’s language rather than your own.
[TTT] Fixed issues when using quickchat commands while targeting an unidentified body.
[TTT] Fixed Last Words erroring in some cases.
[TTT] Fixed grenades sometimes exploding twice when held until fuse runs out.
[TTT] Fixed DNA Scanner showing a spectator’s position when scanning for a player whose corpse was destroyed.
[TTT] Fixed number keys not immediately switching to weapons with fast weapon switching enabled.

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